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62 Year Old Saves Her 32 Year Old Marriage, Agrees To Husband’s Demands

DivorceA 62-year-old wife, Tawakalitu Ariori has respectfully saved her 32 year old marriage from collapsing in court on account of lack of sex and other things demanded constantly by her 64 year old husband, Mustafa.

At the Lagos Island Customary Court, on Thursday, Tawakaltu promised that she would never starve her husband of sex and that she would constantly cook for him whenever he demands any of the two.
Tawakalitu, who is a mother of two, also promised Mustafa that she would change for better, saying: “I thought that since I have reached menopause I cannot make love with my husband anymore, but now I know better.”
Mustafa had on June 1 asked the court to dissolve the 32-year-old marriage on the fact that his wife had consistently denied him sex and that she had stopped cooking for him.
He said that even their children and other members of the family had intervened in the matter at various times but she would not bulged, adding that same people have also pleaded on her behalf when they saw that he was serious in ending the marriage.
“My wife has promised to change and I have forgiven her,” Mustafa told the court when thewy appeared on Thursday.
The President of the Court, Awos Awosola, advised the couple to go and put their home in order.
“If you take care of your wife and make her happy, she will also go to any length to please you,” Awosola said. [myad]