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An Epitaph For Muhammad Ali The Great

Boxer Muhammad AliGood epitaph for a man who redefined boxing. But glasses are not clicked like computer mouses. When glasses come together, they clink. Congratulations for taking time off searching for junk to publish in your yellow tabloid -The Global Pilot. This tribute

You were one man who passionately pursued your beliefs
Proud but not arrogant
You saw everyone as a human being
And could not be seen as a snub, even to the downtrodden.
What you are remembered most for, is the glamour and flair you brought to the deadly game
People made millions from your successful exploits in a game you lived for
Because you are Muhammad Ali, you always refused to quit
Today,you have bowed out gracefully at 74
We would have loved you around longer, but not in such pains and agony
We remember you and celebrate you
So also do we click our glasses, because that is what you wanted
‘To be remembered as the World’s greatest’

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Atangakpaniko Essien Ndueso

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State



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