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Directors Won’t Give Role Without Attaching Sex As Condition – Actress

toyin idowu

A budding Yoruba actress, Toyin Idowu, known as Creamyniffy, has expressed disgust with many film directors who she said would never assign role to any lady without asking her for sex.

She said on Instagram “You cannot get a role in a movie without conditions,” she said. “I don’t want to drag anyone into this but there are many directors out there who wouldn’t give you a role without attaching a condition and most times the condition is sex.”

Toyin, who hasn’t done much acting lately, told Potpourri in a chat that she’s totally fed up with directors asking for sex in exchange for roles and that she may never return to acting unless she gets a fair proposition.

“I would have gone far if I’m the type that sleeps around but I can never sell my body in exchange for anything. Acting is not a do or die affair. If I don’t make it as an actress that doesn’t mean I can’t make it elsewhere.

“People had told me it is an inevitable thing in the industry and when I started going to locations I found out it was really true. I’m not saying I am a saint or perfect, but I can’t trade my body for a script.

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“Some people may not have experienced this or gone through what I have experienced but I am talking about myself and what I went through. That is why I gave up acting.´

When asked if she would go back if the opportunity presents itself, the graduate of Crown University, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State said she has not made up her mind.

“Seriously, I can’t say for now because it has been long I went to any location and I have no plans of going back. And more importantly to me, I don’t want to lose my relationship because I am in a very serious relationship now. Most of our actresses don’t have long-lasting relationships because of their career. What is a career without a man in your life? Since I stopped acting I have not had any regret.” [myad]