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Dangote Plans $800 Million Diary Production In Nigeria

Aliko Dangote
Aliko Dangote

President and Chief Executive Officer of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote has announced plan to establish $800 million dairy production in Nigerian with a view to raising the bar on agriculture generally.

Delivering a good-will message to the National Conference on The Transformation of the Nigerian Livestock Industry, yesterday, in Abuja, Dangote said:”It is in line with the current administration’s commitment to livestock development that the Dangote Group plans an investment of $800 million in dairy production, having finalised plans to invest $4.6 billion in growing the Group’s agriculture business in the country.”

Represented by the Group Executive Director, Engr. Mansur Ahmed, Dangote said that transforming the livestock system is critical to the nation’s economy as it is currently one of the fastest growing agricultural sub-sectors in developing countries.

According to him, with the dwindling fortunes of the oil and gas sectors, it is doubtful if the country will be able to feed its teeming population at some point if it does not improve other sectors like the livestock agric sub-sector.

Dangote called for the adoption of modern technologies to meet World standard in livestock production in order to increase government revenue and contribute substantially to the quality of diet of Nigerians.

He said that the adoption of massive modern technology will help tackle beef deficiency, satisfy dairy production and serve as revenue from hides and skin business for improved economy.

The President of Africa’s conglomerate said: “transforming today’s livestock practices alone, without adopting the strategies and modern technologies across the world will not get us there.

Stressing the need to urgently resolve the challenges currently facing the industry like the intractable clashes between herdsmen and farmers with serious implication on peaceful coexistence and food security, Dangote commended the current policy direction of private sector involvement in livestock.

He said that the policy has contributed towards actualising the national conference after an all encompassing national policy draft that would address livestock matters like the grazing reserves and systematic cattle breed improvement in the country. [myad]