Home FEATURES About 2 Million Pilgrims Move En-mass To Arafat Tomorrow In Saudi Arabia

About 2 Million Pilgrims Move En-mass To Arafat Tomorrow In Saudi Arabia

File photo: pilgrims on arafat
pilgrims on arafat

About two million Muslims from all parts of the world will converge on Arafat tomorrow, Thursday, to climax the performance of this year’s pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

No fewer than 80,000 Nigerian Muslims are in the country for the hajj rites, which began today, Wednesday, with mass movement to Minnah.

The hajj performance will peak on Friday when the pilgrims and Muslims all over the world are expected to observe Eid-Kabir Celebration during which time they would slaughter rams and other recommended animals.

About 65,000 pilgrims from Nigeria went to the Holy land through their various State Pilgrims Welfare Boards while 16,200 others went through independent private hajj tour operators.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), Barrister Abdullah Muhammad Mukhtar has asked all stakeholders at the Pre-Arafat stakeholders conference, at Al-Raqiyyah Hall, Ring Road, in Mecca, to buckle up as the hajj rites proper have commenced.

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He called on them to ensure a hitch free exercise, adding: “NAHCON would not relent in its efforts to ensure that the pilgrims got the best possible services during the entire exercise.

“NAHCON has resolved to improve on whatever successes recorded and look for ways to correct mistakes observed so far.

“The changes the Commission made to ensure that pilgrims got value for their money have come to stay. WE wont be detered by threats, arm twisting, ill motivated criticism and real or imaginary hurdles would from her goals.

“We will nevertheless welcome constructive criticisms and genuine advises that would add value to the Commission goals.” [myad]