Turkey President ErdogaNo fewer than ten human rights activists who were given conditional release today, Thursday, from detention by a court in Istanbul, Turkey, have condemned what they called ‘politically motivated prosecution,’ in the aftermath of the attempted coup in that country last year.

The detainees, who were given conditionally release said: “these politically motivated prosecutions are an attempt to silence critical voices within Turkey but have only served to highlight the importance of human rights and those who dedicate their lives to defending them.
“We take a brief moment to celebrate, but we will continue our struggle to ensure that Taner, Dil and their colleagues are acquitted of these baseless charges. We will not stop until the charges are dropped and all of them are free.”

One of those who were released is the Amnesty International Turkey’s Director, Idil Eser.
In a statement today, the Amnesty International’s Secretary General said: “today, finally, we celebrate that our friends and colleagues can go back with their loved ones and can sleep in their own beds for the first time in almost four months.
“But any joy is tainted by the ongoing detention of Amnesty International’s chair, Taner K. whose separate trial iwa due to start today, Thursday