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Modu Sheriff Accuses Makarfi Of Sponsoring Hooligans Against PDP

Modu Sheriff embattledEmbattled National Chairman of the Peoples democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ali Modu Sheriff wish to condemn as shameful acts of hooliganism and brigandage being employed by the Illegal Caretaker Committee led by senator Ahmed Makarfi.
Modu Sheriff viewed the sack on the national secretariat of the party on Wednesday by hoodlums which he said, were under the directive of the so called Caretaker Committee as a sad reminder of the days of lawlessness, impunity and brigandage for which sponsors of the Caretaker committee have been known over the years.
In a statement on Wednesday by his spokesman, Inuwa Bwara, Modu Sheriff called on his supporters to remain calm and law abiding in the face of the various provocations, by allowing the law to take its course.
Senator Modu Sheriff implored security agencies to stop taking sides in political matters, as demonstrated by some policemen deployed to secure the PDP Secreteriat.
He viewed the acts of  desperation on the part of the so-called Caretaker Committee to confer a semblance of legitimacy on Senator Ahmed Makarfi and his co travelers as unfortunate, seeing that they  have resorted to blatant lies and blackmail of his person.
It would be recalled that Dayo Adeyeye, who spoke on behalf of Senator Makarfi had alleged that, Modu Sheriff is being sponsored by the Presidency and the All Progressives Congress (APC), and that there was no court order granting him leave to operate his office.
“Ridiculous as it may sound, given the fact that right thinking Nigerians  know that, Makarfi and the cabal that has been sponsoring him are merely crying wolf, where there was none, having  come face to face with the truth, law and reality, it is imperative to state some facts,  for the records.
“Makarfi and his sponsors want to create the wrong impression that Sheriff is not reliable, whereas it is an open secret that Sheriff has given credible and honest leadership to his state, to Nigeria and to the PDP, even for the short period he has been in the saddle of leadersip that Ahmed makarfi.
“Be that as it may, we wish to challenge Ahmed Makarfi  to name the date, venue and names of those in attendance at the so called  meeting  sheriff allegedly  had with some Governors from the APC. Again how Sheriff could have been a stooge when he remains the only PDP stalwart that speaks out against the APC since the party lost the 2015 elections?
“For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to state that Ali Modu Sheriff left the APC at its formative stage, and has never had anything to do with the party or any of its stalwarts since his departure. One wonders how Ahmed Makarfi and his cohorts could tell lies just to divert attention from the real issues at stake.
“The issues at stake remain the presence of  a cabal in the PDP, desperately trying to hijack the structure of the  party and continue the perpetuation of acts of lawlessness and impunity, which Ali Sheriff resisted.
“While we e consider it most uncharitable that Makarfi will attempt to smear our revered National Chairman by leveling frivolous allegations, in the hope that he can divert attention from the real agenda of the group leading him by the nose, we make bold to state that his own ambition to become the Presidential candidate of the PDP in 2019 is an open secret..
“We have noticed that, besides playing to the gallery,  telling lies is gradually becoming their mode of operation, while acts of hooliganism and brigandage are  their modes of expression; different from the lawful and dignified approach to issues of senator Ali Sheriff in securing his mandate.
“While restating that Ali Sheriff remains the lawful National Chairman,  no matter their antics, nor acts of brigandage, it is becoming clearer to Nigerians that, the Caretaker Committee are becoming more violent, in the tradition of their paymasters, and the law enforcement agencies have the duty to stop them.
Sheriff relies on the orders of the Federal High Court in suit number FHC/L/CS/613/2016, delivered on 24th May, 2016.” [myad]