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I’m 65, Single, Still Searching – Ghanaian Attorney General

A 65 year old Ghanaian Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo has said that that she has remained single since she was born because even at her age, she has not gotten a man to marry her.
In a matter-of-fact confession, Ms Gloria stressed that she is still searching for a man she can refer to as husband and friend.
“Who said if I get somebody I won’t marry today? I have not found the person yet. I am still looking.”
When she was asked why would she not go for someone she loves, the Ghanaian number one law officer said: “Maybe I have not been found and I have not found (anyone).”
On the characteristics of her ideal man, Gloria said that the man should be “a friend that I can be Gloria (happy) with.
“I can be angry, I can laugh. I want a true friend I  can sit with and in spite of whatever differences we will have into the future, we can look back and laugh together and walk our old age together.”
She stressed that she is still in the woods looking for that person who will walk down the aisle with her, maybe in the future, but feared that she might go through life without finding such person and not being found.

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