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I’m Single Not Searching – Actress Adebimpe Oyebade

A budding Actress and professional model, Adebimpe Oyebade popularly known as Mobimpe has made it clear that she is single but not searching.

“I’m very single and not searching. I’m focused on my career so I don’t need any man.”

Adepimpe, who spoke to news men shortly after being crowned as ‘The Best New Actress 2018’ in the Yoruba sector, said however that  if she meets someone today and she likes, she will succumb.

“What I’m trying to say is that I’m not desperate to be in a relationship.”

On what type of man catches her fancy, she said: “I like a God fearing and a supportive man. Considering the nature of my job I need someone who will support my career.”

She said that she didn’t know if she can be with an entertainer because she has not tried dating one.

“I’m an entertainer, therefore, I’m not against dating another entertainer, it depends on the person’s personality and not what he does.”

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Source: Vanguard