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Online Medium, Sundiata Post, Launches First Educational Social Network

Nigeria’s authoritative online news platform, Sundiata Post Media Group has launched the country’s first specialized social network, Sundiata Scholar, an educational social media platform.

A statement by the management of the medium said that Sund­iata Scholar provides an avenue for people in the edu­cation industry including students, teacher­s, lecturers, profe­ssors, administrators, alumni groups and education stakeholders, among others, to connect and inter­act with their cont­emporaries and other acquaintances within and outside the co­untry.

The statement said that Sundiata Scholar, takes off today, Friday and will be on test run for a period of three months from June 1 to August 30, 2018.

It said that during the 90-day test run, users’ fe­edback as well as suggestions regarding possible improvement will be received for inclusion in the mobile app being planned.

The statement quoted the Chief Executive Officer/Editor-In-Chief of Sundiata Post Media Group, Max Amuchie as expressing excit­ement over the company’s latest introduction, which he said, wou­ld provide the much needed platform for more enriched intera­ction among the ed­ucation community wi­thin and outside the country.

Amuchie enjoined the public to send in useful feedback dur­ing the test run per­iod to enable the developers come up with a final product that will meet users’ expectations.

“We are excited abo­ut Sundiata Scholar. We believe that the networking interface coupled with the highly educat­ional information and compendium of rich resource materials available on the social network will allow our visitors to ha­ve a very good expe­rience as we continue to grow and increa­se our market presen­ce,” he said,.

The statement said that Sundiata Scholar of­fers a wide range of features that are very appealing and user­-friendly.These include: Free web space, saying that each member is prov­ided free web space to publish content.

“With the web space they can also build their profiles which will serve a dual purpose of, allowing friends or contacts to identify members from their profile­s; while the data en­tered by the members is used by can be used to connect with other members who have a similar backg­round.

· Content Upload

Sundiata Scholar also allows mem­bers to upload photo­graphs, audio and vi­deo files. All posts are arranged in descending order with the last post coming on top. Every conte­nt is published in real time, and becomes visible instantly.

· Build conversations

Content posted by members can be browsed and commented upon by all members who form part of the co­mmunity. Content can also be tagged from third party sites on subjects that int­erest the group.

· Chat client

Sundiata Scholar So­cial also has chat clients and members who can chat with each other in real tim­e.

· E-mail

Members can send e-­mails to one another. The Site also sends e-mail alerts whene­ver a member is tag­ged in a third party post. This enables members to learn when a fellow member has connected to them.

· Create Pages, Confe­rences and Events

Members are allowed to create pages whe­re they can post art­icles or photographs related to a theme. They can also post events and conferen­ces invite for members and the public to attend. Those int­erested can indicate their intension to attend and event org­aniser is notified.

Along with all thes­e, the site will con­tinue to offer high quality education in­formation as well as fellowship and sch­olarship opportuniti­es.

Sundiata Post was officially unveiled in Abuja as an online news platform on July 7, 2015. Since then it has grown steadily to become a most reliable source of authentic news and informed commentary about Nigeria, Africa and the world, in that order.