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Steady Sex Can Save Marriage From Collapse – Marriage Counselors


President of Family Victory Marriage Counseling Home in Lagos, Mrs. Ola Madari and another marriage counselor, Mr John Ikugbonmire have advised couples to always engage in steady sex to save the marriage from collapse.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that healthy sex life is one of the most important factors in a thriving and successful marriage, adding that constant love making in marriage would make it to remain steady, longer and happier.

“One of the major reasons for many marriage break-up is because there was no mutual relationship which originate through constant love making.

“Once the sex goes, so many other problems follow and it has also been proven that couples will live and stay longer if they have steady sex.

“Not only does sex brings couple together, it also brings about a deeper level of communication that they don’t have with any other person,” she said.

Madari, however, said that couples engagement in constant love making will create passion and a unique connection that can settle any differences within marriage.

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Also John Ikugbonmire said: “many marriages are at the verge of collapse because of sex gap.

“Some couples engage in infidelity act simply because the other partner does not want to have or rejects love making advances.

“Intimacy and physical touch creates passion and bond, it also helps couple thinks that they are more than friend.

“This unique connection that lovers have creates vibrancy, passion and romance between the two of them that cannot be created in any way other than sexually.

“What is more important is that sex becomes an intimate and connecting experience for couple

“Lack of constant sex in some cases pushes either of the partner to commit adultery or fornication, while sex is a recipe for great marriage, couples should satisfy each other sexually,” Ikugbonmire said.

They both advised that couples should not just have constant sex but should be able to sexually satisfy each other. (NAN). [myad]

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