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Woman Jailed For Screaming Loud And Waking Neighbours While Having Sex

Loud noise sex woman

Birmingham County Court,  in the West Midlands region of England, has sentenced a middle aged single woman, Miss Gemma Wale to two weeks imprisonment because of her ‘loud sex noises that woke neighbours. The judge ruled that she had breached the order by “screaming and shouting whilst having sex” at a “level of noise” which annoyed a neighbour.

A neighbour, who did not want to be identified, said after the hearing: “She was unbelievable. You could hear her screaming and moaning from the other side of the road.

“I complained about her several times but nothing came of it for ages.

“It didn’t matter what time of day it was, she’d be at it all the time.”

Another added: “To be fair to her, she’s a nice girl and she’s never got a bad word to say about anyone.

“She’s always had that reputation though, particularly after a couple of drinks.

“You could hear her screaming from a mile away.”

Another former neighbour described how the community had been driven to despair by her behaviour.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said: “It was the worst two years of my life.

“All the neighbours banded together to get her out.

“I lost count of the number of times I had to knock on her door at 3, 4, 5 o’clock in the morning.

“We complained to the police, social services and the council.

“It took the council a good year to do anything about it. It doesn’t surprise me she ended up being jailed. She deserved it.

“She drove us all to despair – I have never had a neighbour like her.”

Detail has emerged in a written ruling by Judge Emma Kelly following a hearing in Birmingham County Court.

Judge Kelly concluded that Miss Wale, of Small Heath, Birmingham, had breached an anti-social behaviour order.

She said Birmingham City Council took legal action after a neighbour complained.

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The judge did not give Miss Wale’s age in her ruling but said she had a boyfriend called Wayne.

Wale is not the first neighbour from hell to find herself in court over her sex antics.

Single mum Gemma Walker was booted out of her home in Middlesbrough over her raucous sex sessions upset neighbours in 2013.

Judge Kelly said the anti-social behaviour order had barred Miss Wale from making “loud sex noises”.

The order had also barred her from causing nuisance by playing loud music, shouting, swearing, making banging noises, stamping and slamming doors.

The judge concluded that she had also breached the order by arguing with her boyfriend, swearing at a neighbour, “banging around the house” and “running around in the property”.

She imposed separate two-week jail terms on Miss Wale for each breach but said all terms would run concurrently.

Judge Kelly said another judge had imposed an anti-social behaviour order in January.

She said she had analysed allegations that the order had been breached at a hearing in May.

The judge indicated that Miss Wale lived in a property owned by Birmingham council and said she had heard evidence from a council housing officer and one of Miss Wale’s neighbours.

Judge Kelly said a neighbour had complained that at around 5am on January 29 “paragraph 3 of the order” had been breached.

“Gemma started screaming and shouting whilst having sex, which woke us up,” said the neighbour. “This lasted 10 minutes.”

The judge concluded: “I am satisfied that during the course of the early hours of 29th January 2015, at around 5am, the defendant was guilty of screaming and shouting whilst having sex at a level of noise which caused nuisance or annoyance to (a neighbour).” [myad]

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