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Ex Ghananian President, Mahama, Delivers Lecture In Lagos, Nov 19 On West African Economy, Politics 

Former Ghanaian President, Dramani Mahama is due in Lagos on November 19 to deliver a lecture on the main theme of Realnews Seventh Anniversary Lecture, “Beyond Politics: An Economic Narrative for West Africa.”
According to the publisher of the Realnews, an online magazine,  Maureen Chigbo, the lecture series, which is scheduled to hold at the Sheraton Hotel, Lagos, has as its sub theme: “The End of Oil: Wither the Nigeria Economy.”
Maureen Chigbo said that the choice of the 2019 topic and sub-theme was informed by the need to escalate and broaden the conversation on the economic challenges facing the region with Nigeria as its economic powerhouse, and Africa in general.
She said that the aim is to find  lasting solutions to the lingering economic challenges against the background of the recently endorsed Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA).
Maureen Chigbo described ex President Mahama, the main speaker, as a man with impressive antecedent, vast experience in governance and leadership as well as policy formation and implementation across disciplines.
She said the ex Ghananian strong man is versed in areas such as agriculture, communications, environment and politics which puts him in a good stead to do justice to the main topic, especially at this critical juncture of West Africa’s struggles on the path to regional development and integration.
The Realnews publisher said that Vice President, Country Operations, of the Islamic Development Bank,  Dr. Mansur Muhtar, will chair the event. Dr.  Mansur is former Nigeria’s finance minister.
Maureen Chigbo said that the event will bring together policy and decision makers from private and public sectors, academia and civil society, including the media, adding that it will also feature a stimulating panel discussion by experts with guaranteed audience participation.

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