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Delta Permsec Calls On Nigerians To Get Involved In Food Production

Permanent Secretary in the Delta Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ben Agama, has called on all Nigerians to get involved in food production because investing in agriculture remains the way to grow Nigeria’s economy.

In an interview today, October 28, with the News Agency of Nigeria in Asaba, Agama noted that over the years, food production has been left under the purview of peasant farmers.

He stressed that time had come for every household to cultivate one crop or the other to bridge the gap.

The permanent secretary said that Federal Government’s efforts in and support for agriculture had created consciousness that food production was the bedrock of development of the nation.

”We have done great in agriculture; we have different programmes and no matter what, the consciousness is there.

“Everyone now realises that the only way out is food; agriculture is that soul and heart of prosperity; you need to eat to use the road, drive, go to school, work or do anything. So food is critical.”

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According to Agama, even though everybody needs food, only a few are into production, while most of them do not have the resources to go into mechanised commercial farming.

“We are getting to a point where people feel that there will be famine; so those producing are hoarding to guide against this.

“The way out is that everybody should try and produce what they can eat so that prices of food will crash.

“The federal government is doing much in agriculture but where what they are doing cannot reach the people at the grassroots, it is then a challenge, as something is being done but without result.

”It is, therefore, necessary to step up the support to reach those at the grassroots.”

The permanent secretary called for more collaboration among all tiers of government to channel support to the ordinary farmers at the grassroots.

Source: NAN.

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