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How Nigerians Heeded My Appeal, Returned To Farm And Saved The Country From Collapse – Buhari 

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed appreciation to Nigerians who he said, listened to his appeal in 2015 to return to farm thereby saving the country from collapse that stared its face.
In a goodwill message he sent to farmers as they observe this year’s Farmers Day in Enugu, Anambra State,  the President stressed that only God knows what Nigeria would have been today if the citizens had remained complacent and if God had not blessed the country with abundant rains.
“As I have said on occasions in the past, what would we have done as a nation, if God had not been kind to us, giving us good and abundant rainy season and good harvests in the past four seasons?
“As at 2015, our economy was in such perilous state, with oil prices crashing internationally, and so many challenges nationally and locally. In fact, our country was in a desperate state.
“We then decided to put the modest resources we had where our mouth was. We focused on agriculture, and God heard our prayers. And we got good returns from our investments.
“We appealed to Nigerians to return to the land, and take up farming seriously again. They heeded our call, and have not regretted it since then. The theme of this Farmers’ Day is ‘Farm and Fortune’ and I must say that it is a well thought out theme.”
President Buhari said that farming has brought fortune to millions of Nigerians who embraced it, as it has turned round their social and economic status.
“We should never forget: the real wealth of our country lies primarily in farming, livestock, foresting and fisheries.
“Farmers are now among very well to do Nigerians. They can cater for their families, meet other existential needs, and even embark on various capital projects.
“Above all, farmers have led the country to the food self-sufficiency we now enjoy, saving us billions of dollars yearly, which would have been spent on food importation. Such funds are now deployed to other developmental projects, particularly infrastructure.
“It is gratifying that farmers have responded positively to initiatives by government to empower and strengthen their hands. Through the Central Bank of Nigeria, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the fertilizer initiative, and many others, government gives supports to our farmers, and you have responded positively, to the good of our country.
“When floods caused havoc to farmlands last year, we responded by giving financial support to affected farmers. We will continue to stand by you.
“Let me also commend the Nigerian Agip Oil Company for organizing this Farmers’ Day, something the company has done consistently for 30 years. In its own way, Agip has empowered, encouraged and celebrated farmers in 300 host communities in Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta and Imo States. I urge big companies and high net-worth individuals to emulate such example.
“A day like this provides good networking opportunities for farmers and stakeholders in the agricultural sector. I urge you to make the best use of it.
“Our intention is to make agriculture the backbone of our economy. It once was so, before petroleum was discovered and we neglected farming for easy petroleum-dollars, but we are wiser now.
“With agriculture, we don’t have to crash again anytime oil prices crash in the international market. We have our farmers to thank for that assurance. We will also take precautions against bad harvest.
“We made our priorities clear from the beginning. We want to secure our country so that it can be efficiently managed, we want to curb corruption, and revive the economy.
“Agriculture is one of the veritable ways to economic recovery. It guarantees employment to millions of our people, particularly the youth, engenders better living standards, enhances the income of people, and ensures food security. This, in turn, will improve the security situation in the land.”
The President then called for the celebration of Nigerian farmers, insisting that they are the nation’s authentic heroes, not only for today, but for tomorrow, and ever more.

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