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Leo Stan Eke Predicts Positive Disruption Of Nigeria Economy By Technology

Chairman, Zinox Group, Leo Stan Eke, has said that technology will disrupt several spheres of the Nigerian economy in the next 10 years and that no one has the capacity to stop the coming wave of positive technological disruption.

He advised Nigerians to take advantage of this positive digital disruption to add impetus to the brand Nigeria on the global map.

Leo Stan Eke spoke today, November 27 at the 2019 Annual Lecture Series of advisory and corporate commercial entity, Alliance Law Firm. The event, which was held  in Lagos,  had as its theme – Leveraging Technology to develop and rebrand Nigeria.

He said: “it is now between our competence, our commitment and God to lead other nations of the world. This is a century of quality wealth driven with knowledge and conscience and powered by technology. We have no reason not to scale with over 200 million ambitious people from birth.”

He said that already every sector of the nation’s economy is experiencing the impact of technology, adding: “today, Nigeria is moving closer to e-voting. Also, you will observe that post-election litigations have dropped considerably.

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“In fact, we are down by about 41 per cent today. Once we migrate to e-voting fully, anyone who loses an election will have no need to go and contest it in court. This is the power of technology. Technology does not lie. This is why I chose to go into it as a profession.”

The digital expert stressed that rebranding Nigeria must begin with critical investments in the nation’s human capital, adding that Nigeria should borrow a leaf from a country like India which presently accounts for some of the leading brains driving the world’s major tech conglomerates.

Leo Eke advised the Federal and state governments to invest about $10 billion to provide quality digital infrastructure in Nigerian schools at all levels and finance school fees for indigent students nationwide.