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Nigerians Are Turning Their Backs On Sachet Water As Price Doubles

Sachet water
Many Nigerians are now turning their backs on sachet water because of the recent rise in the price of each sachet, even as some people said the source of packaging the water is questionable.
Investigation showed that the unit price of sachet, popularly known as “pure water” was recently hiked by 100 per cent and now being sold at N20 from N10.
The Abuja residents, who spoke with NAN said they used to buy the sachet water with the erroneous belief that it was cleaner and healthier than taking tap water.
They said that with the recent price hike in the packaged essential commodity, they realised the possibility of some of the sachet water producers may just be packaging tap water and selling to unsuspecting consumers.
Mrs. Adams Yinka, said that life had not been easy for the family since the increase in the price of pure water, adding: “we no longer buy sachet water since there are other ways to get clean and healthy water.”
“Some of these sachet water are not even clean, anyone can buy a sealing machine and just pour anything in it and sell.
“Although bottled water is more expensive with the realisation that tap water can possibly be sold as pure water, some of us have to switch to the bottled water,” Yinka explained.
Another respondent, Hamza Jimoh, a resident of Kubwa, said: “since water is a major necessity, buying sachet water is unavoidable despite the price increase.
“I still buy sachet water, considering the fact that at N20, it is still very affordable and though bottled water is healthier, it is too expensive,” he said.
He said that boiling of water would have been a better option but the price of gas had also increased, thereby making it as a waste of resources.
“Boiling water, especially from the tap is also a means of getting clean and safe water, but it is even more expensive than getting bottled water, if one considers the cost of gas,” he said.
Miss Yinika Olowokere,  a resident of Dutse said that she is no longer buying pure water but had upgraded to using bottled water.
“I no longer buy pure water, since the increase in price I have switched to taking bottle water.
“Boiling water is not an option either considering the current price of cooking gas,” she observed.
Mrs. Gbemisola Richard, a resident of Apo area said that she no longer bothered to buy sachet water since the increase in price.
“I just buy one bottled water and keep the bottle as container for tap water, which I drink directly from.
“It is easy for me to carry my water everywhere I go,” she said.
Richard said that she used to buy sachet water because it was very accessible, adding that the nylon itself could be harmful.
“We don’t know how they handle and treat the such nylon before selling it to us to consume the content as such there is need for the authorities concerned to look into this too.”

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