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Buhari Worried Over Use Of Cyberspace To Manipulate Elections, Subvert Democracy

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed worry over the development in recent time where politicians used cyberspace to manipulate elections thereby subverting the democratic rights of the people.

“More recently, we are also witnessing the use of the cyberspace to manipulate elections, subvert the democratic rights of citizens as well as propagate violence.”

The President, who spoke in Dubai today, Monday, also lamented the steady rise in fake news and cybercrimes, particularly when platforms are hijacked and manipulated by criminals.

“Today, we have a cyber-world that is intangible but real. This borderless world is powerful, and it impacts the lives of billions of people, no matter how remote their physical locations are.

“People work in it. People socialize in it. And people invest in it. This presents enormous opportunities. But it also remains a constant threat if left unregulated.

“On the one hand, it has made the human race more productive and more efficient. Today, we have digital banking, virtual currencies and many social platforms that connect people and cultures.

“On the other hand, we have seen platforms hijacked and manipulated as evidenced by the steady rise in fake news and cybercrimes.”

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The Nigerian leader insisted that a certain level of regulation is needed to preserve the integrity of the digital economy, even as he called on world leaders to come up with proposals to create a digital world that is accessible, inclusive and safe to all.

He acknowledged that digital globalization is transforming the world almost every day with innovations and transformative ideas, the Nigerian leader cautioned that the cyber world would remain a constant threat if left unregulated.

President Buhari called for collective efforts led by both public and private sector leaders to address the emerging threats of digital globalization.

“In effect, the digital world has become the new frontier for both good and evil. Therefore, the challenge for world leaders must be to ensure that this space is inclusive, accessible and safe,’’ the President told the ninth edition of AIM, attended by world leaders in both the public and private sectors.”

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