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Economic Growth: Zinox Group Chairman Advocates Disruptive Entrepreneurs System

Africa’s foremost serial digital entrepreneur and Chairman, Zinox Group, Leo Stan Ekeh, has said that the only way the Nigerian economy can realize the desired impetus to survive is for the Federal and State Governments to support disruptive entrepreneurs who are now the corporate miracles of every progressive economy.

He cited America as an example which has produced the known whizkids of the century and raised global giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, etc.
The digital guru, who delivered talk at the Access Bank-sponsored 2019 African Fintech Disrupt Conference held at the Landmark Centre in Lagos today, Monday said that Nigeria has a huge stock of smart kids who can change and sustain the developmental story of this country.

He said that all they require is an enabling environment which is not too expensive for the government to provide.
While advising entrepreneurs not to see hope as a strategy in business, he reminded them of a critical configuration required for a self-audit before deciding if they really want to be entrepreneurs.
According to Ekeh, who also doubles as a Global Advisor to Microsoft, success as an entrepreneur in Africa requires 40% common sense, 20% spirituality and 40 percent knowledge of the business.
According to him, the 21st century has defined two types of entrepreneurs – disruptors and regular entrepreneurs.
While advising startups and other budding business owners, he noted that their passion must pay their bills, else there is no justification for the business they are launching.
He reminded startups of the essential few ingredients of success, humility, ability to see the end from the start, an eye for the bigger picture, creative mindset, knowledge and energy to occupy the sector as well as the capacity to manage cash and excitement.
He, however, cautioned that they must be prepared to take reasonable pains before pleasure as they must postpone luxurious life until when they have built enough reserves to sustain such a lifestyle.
He counseling female entrepreneurs, the self-professed disruptive entrepreneur even as he assured them that they will lead in the second quarter of this century as informed women are known to operate efficiently in structured environments with auditable systems.
He said that no government has a choice to deny the youths of progressive infrastructure, except they want to face the wrath of this dominant segment of the populace.
Ekeh advised those leaving the country for supposedly greener pastures not to waste their time as the population and lifestyle of Nigeria holds unquantifiable demand structure which is wealth on its own.

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