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Bishop Oyedepo Describes Government’s Stand On Coronavirus As Anti-Church

The presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church International, popularly known as Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has described the continuous closure of churches by the government as anti-church.

The Bishop said that there are unseen forces behind the closure of the churches and Christians must rise to pray.

He wondered, at a sermon tagged “Breaking Invisible Barrier,” why schools are closed because of the virus, but children go to the markets hawking and helping their parents.

He wondered also why places, where healings take place (the churches), are shut but markets, where diseases could easily be spread, are opened.

“What they called coronavirus has suddenly become anti-church virus. The market places are rocking, people are running over themselves, physical distancing is zero, hand washing is zero, yet, coronavirus doesn’t go there; it only goes to the churches.

“I know that the gods of the land are behind this; some merchants of evil are behind this. But it is a hard thing for any man, no matter the backing he may have, to kick against the bricks. The church where healing takes place around the world is shut down and the market places where diseases are easily spread is opened. There are some states in Nigeria that have opened activities some weeks ago, and there are no high cases recorded. Even one state in the North that has the worst case has opened up a long time ago.

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“This is an anti-church virus and the God of the church of Christ neither sleeps nor slumber. As of today, we have 114 clear cases of coronavirus healing testimony and there are many churches where healings take place by the word of God and not diabolical means.”
Is that where to shut down?”

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