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Cancellation Of 2021 Hajj: Take Heart, Hajj Commission Comforts Nigeria Pilgrims 

Hajj Commission chairman
The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has sent a word of sympathy to intending pilgrims who would not be able to perform hajj this year because the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has cancelled it.
The cancellation of the Hajj for international pilgrims for the 2021 season was announced earlier today, June 12 by the Saudi Kingdom, attributing it to Covid19 pandemic.
A statement today by the spokes person of the Commission, Hajiya Fatima Sanda Usara said that the Commission’s officials in Saudi Arabia have confirmed that state television and radio stations in the Kingdom have announced the news.
“NAHCON respects the decision of Saudi Arabia in this regard no matter how painful that decision may be to us and to intending pilgrims worldwide.
“We have accepted that it is Allah’s divine design that multitudes will again this year not perform the Hajj: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is only playing out a script ordained by our Maker long before creation of the universe.
“Our prayer is that we collectively turn to Him in repentance so that He admits us for Hajj in the coming years.
“One of the lessons from these two years’ cancellations of Hajj for foreign pilgrims’ is in the Prophet’s hadith urging Muslims to perform Hajj while they can before they are prevented from doing so. “Again, it impresses on us that it is only Allah that selects those who will be His guests for Hajj.
“May we not be deprived of Allah’s mercy. May we be among those who will be chosen to perform Allah’s worship in future.”
Hajiya Fatima Usara said that the NAHCON Chairman, Alhaji Zikrullah Kunle Hassan commended the resilience of Nigerian intending pilgrims and the support they have shown in this long and tortuous wait.
The Chairman was said to have particularly impressed and humbled by the level of support and respect displayed by the would-be pilgrims, evidenced by their adherence to each instruction given by the Commission.
“An example is the total compliance in receiving Covid-19 jab with the hope of performing the 2021 Hajj. Equally, the Commission appreciates cooperation of States’ Pilgrims’ Welfare Boards in its decision-making processes.
“As in the previous year, those pilgrims who request for refund of their Hajj deposits will be granted such without unnecessary delay.
“As for those who would still wish to roll-over their funds, the Commission strongly urges them to wait for further advice and decisions by the board.
The statement assured stakeholders of NAHCON’s open door policy and cooperation, adding that consultations will be held with all Hajj managers on the way forward in the nearest future.

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