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As I Prepare To Leave, I Will Fondly Remember Christians As My Friendly Neighbours – Buhari

President Buhari receives in audience Leadership of Christian faith in State House

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that one of the things he would continue to cherish and value when he leaves office for the next President, is his friendly relationship with Christians in the country.
“For me and my family, this year’s celebration is unique. It is my last as your elected President. “Twenty-two weeks from now, this administration will hand over to another.
“In the last seven years, I have had the privilege of receiving members of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) community on Christmas homage, except the year the COVID-19 pandemic denied us that opportunity.
“I will fondly remember them as my benevolent landlords and friendly neighbours.”
In a message today, December 24, to mark Christmas which comes up tomorrow, December 25, President Buhari said that it is “crucial that I remember this about my closest neighbours because there is no better way for us to celebrate Christmas as a people than showing genuine love, care, compassion and empathy for one another.”
In the message which he personally issued, the President stressed that we must never lose sight of the symbiotic relationship between Christmas and hope, which he said is made up of “Jesus Christ and humility, Christianity and grace.”
“In this season of love, joy and peace, let us not fail to remember those who really wish to celebrate but are constrained in one way or the other by reaching out to them.
“Together we can make this celebration a spectacular one by renewing our pledge and common resolve to work for the unity and prosperity of our dear country.”
President Buhari made it clear that until his last day in office, he would continue to provide political and material support to sub-national governments, the Armed Forces, institutions and individuals working wholeheartedly for the peace, unity, stability and progress of Nigeria.
He said that the advances his government had made so far on the economic front, especially in infrastructure; food security, anti-corruption, security, energy sufficiency, among others, would need to be built on.
“This joyous season has coincided with the period of campaigns to usher in a new administration. I urge you to be circumspect and vote for those that will maintain the momentum we have created for the greater good of the country.
“It is another opportunity to show the rest of the world that Nigeria is indeed ready to consolidate its democratic credentials as has been noted in international circles. Let the peace and joy that pervade this period continue well into the new year up to the elections in February and beyond.
“I want to assure Nigerians that those who violently seek to disrupt the peace of our nation have lost the battle.
“Our country is blessed with a wealth of human and material resources. Let’s celebrate our blessings this season with the trust that a better dawn awaits Nigeria.
“I wish you all a Merry Christmas.”

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