Coup To Overthrow Govt Is Out Of Fashion, Buhari Reminds African Military

President Muhammadu Buhari has described military coup to overthrow government as being out of fashion on the African continent, apart from constituting danger to the continent.

“I’m particularly concerned about the negative impact of coups on African stability, peace and progress.

“Nigeria cannot be indifferent to these dangers to Africa. Coups are out of fashion and the involvement of the military in violent change of government is doing more harm than good to Africa.”

The President, in his reaction to attempted coup in Niger Republic today, March 31, said: “it is utterly naive to attempt the removal of an elected government by force.

“Military political adventurers should respect the will of the people and respect constitutional order.”

Buhari, who was said to have spoken to the outgoing President of the Republic of Niger in a telephone conversation, on the situation that country, warned that “the international community is hostile to the change of government by violent and unconstitutional means.”

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The Nigerian leader advised African leaders to remain united against coups under whatever guise or form, further warning coup plotters to learn lesson from history on the consequences of instability caused by violent takeover of governments.

President Buhari congratulated the President-elect, Mohamed Bazoum on his election victory and the outgoing President’s commitment to orderly and peaceful transfer of power.

He applauded the Niger’s security forces for suppressing the onslaught against the democratically elected Government of the people of Niger Republic.

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