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Kano’ll Not Key Into ‘Shege-Ka-Fasa’ Proposed Security System In North – Ganduje

Operation Shege Ka fasa

Governor Umar Abdullahi Ganduje has said that the state will not be part of the proposed Northern regional security arrangement, known as Shege-Ka-Fasa as a way of countering the recently proposed Southwest regional security system known as  Amotekun.

Answering reporters’ questions today, February 7 in Abuja after a visit to President Muhammadu Buhari along with some prominent Kano personalities, Governor Ganduje said that the state already has effective security arrangement that made it the safest state in the country.

“Kano State as of today, is the most peaceful state in the country. No armed robbery, no banditry, no tribal conflicts, no religious conflicts, even the few cases of kidnapping, the kingpins are being arrested in Kano. You will recall that those who attacked the deputy governor of Nasarawa state were arrested in Kano. Even the Magaji Darin Daura who was kidnapped for almost two months, the man behind it was arrested in Kano.
“We have introduced ICT into security administration in the state that is why we are succeeding. We have full cooperation among the security agencies and Kano is providing an heavenly environment for the security agencies, especially in terms of community policing.

“Also, we have succeeded in establishing a very powerful command and control center where all security agencies and their representatives do communicate with each other. And from that center, security agencies are able to communicate with all the DPOs in all the 44 local government areas in the state.”

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Ganduje agreed that each state has got its own style of administering security, said that very soon “we are going to have community security summit: that is, the communities are going to assist security agencies.

“We are going to come out with a blueprint. Instead of recruiting people into the police force, we are going to build a strong synergy between the communities and the security agencies. The synergy will be from the ward level to local government level to state level to zonal level.

“It will work because it’s been working. So, there is no intention to recruit into security agencies in the state.

“And like I said earlier, we have built a command and control center where we can community with all the DPOs in the state. We can see them, speak with them through the cameras. CCTV has been installed in all black spots throughout the state. We have been monitoring and it is working.

“We have also installed most powerful vehicle tracker in the country, which operates even beyond Kano State. That is why Kano State is a trapped where kidnappers can be arrested.”

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