Over 39,000 People Have Died Of Coronavirus Worldwide

Coronavirus patient in critical condition

It has been confirmed that so far, over 39,000 have died of Coronavirus across the world, out of over 800,000 infected since the pandemic started.

According to the tally being kept by Johns Hopkins university, the United States has taken the lead in the death toll with 3,500 deaths as at today, March 31.
The current figure of death in the US, according to the report,is about 250 more than China’s official number, whereas Italy and Spain accounted for half the deaths.
This was even as China reported just one new death from COVID-19 and 48 new cases, claiming that all new infections came from abroad.
In Wuhan, the city where the coronavirus first emerged, people were ready to “revenge shop.”
The Johns Hopkins figures supplied by government health authorities around the world are regarded with skepticism by public health experts because of varying counting practices, a lack of testing in places, the many mild cases that have been missed — and perhaps government efforts to downplay the numbers.
Source: Post wires

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