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President Buhari Directs Vice President, Ministers, Others To Declare Their Assets

President Buhari participates at the African Finance Summit in Paris, France on 18th May 2021

President Muhammadu Buhari has directed Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, ministers and other elected and appointed ministers to declare their assets before leaving the offices along with him on May 29.
The President, who himself collected the asset declaration today, May 26, said that the directive is in strict adherence to the constitutional requirement of assets declaration before and after taking office.
Buhari said that the asset declaration is aimed at strengthening best practices, raising moral standards in Public Service, helping to build integrity and combating corruption.
He insisted that all out-going officials, elected and appointed from the Vice President downwards must collect the assets declaration form, fill and return it as he has done.
Speaking in Abuja ,as he collected the form from Professor Isah Mohammed, Chairman of the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), President Buhari said that no one is excluded from the Constitutional duty of assets declaration.
“I signed, collected and acknowledged receiving my form. From here, I will ask my bank Manager in Kaduna to show me what has gone in and out of my account.
“Nobody is excluded from declaring their assets.
“I expected everyone from the Vice President downwards to follow the system.”
Professor Mohammed had said that compliance by the President in the last eight years and the support he had given to the Bureau had enabled it to achieve 99 percent compliance by elected and appointed officials.
He acknowledged the support of the President in the achievement of the digitization of its services and operations thereby helping the organisation to open investigation of cases with greater efficiency.

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