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Yoruba Nation Worried Over Nnamdi Kanu’s Role In Destruction Of Properties In Lagos

“We are disturbed by the viral audio of one Mr Nnandi Kanu, leader of IPOB urging his supporters to attack Yoruba infrastructure and burn them down. The said Kanu ordered his supporters in Lagos to invade Police Stations in Lagos and seize guns.

“This is an attack on Yoruba values which we shall never fold our hands to allow to continue. Kanu and his collaborators have overstepped their bounds. It is unfortunate this is coming at a time we are exploring possibilities of rebuilding relationships with our Igbo brothers from the East. We warn their collaborators driven by pecuniary electoral interests far from the deepest of Yoruba aspirations, to desist or face the wrath of Yoruba Nation. In the face of these provocations, we urge calm.”

These were contained in a statement today, October 23 by All Yoruba Congress, representing several based in the old Western Region. The statement was signed by Chief Agbekoya  Oshodi Thompson and 25 different Yoruba groups across the country and the world.

They include the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC-New Era), Sadam Arogundade; South West Women Nationalist Group (SWWNG), Oodua Students Alliance (OSA), Mikhail Salau; Chief Ibile Diran Obalola; Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC-Reformed), Taofik Adeyemi and Oodua Muslim-Christian Youth Dialogue Group (OMC-YDG), Alao Akintude and Bola Olowokere

Others are Apapo Oodua Koya, (AOKOYA), retired Col Sowumi Abiodun; O’odua Nationalist Coalition, (ONAC), Ahmed Abiodun and Network for Yorba Alliance, (NENA), Goke Otunla as well as O’odua Revolutionary Coalition, (ORC), Mallam Suleiman Alade, amongst others.

The All Yoruba Congress said that there was no rationale and wisdom in the destruction of any public or private property.

“We feel disturbed by the carnage visited on the Court of Appeal, the Lagos High Court, the City Hall, Guarantee Trust Bank, (GTB), Nigerian Ports Authority, (NPA), Lagos State TV, The Nation, BRT buses, TVC.  The attackers burn down four Fire Preventing Stations showing a conscious attempt to ensure the Yoruba legacies were brought down.

Worst still, the LTV and City Hall are legacies of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo singled out for attacks. This is sacrilege, disturbing and unacceptable to any responsible group.”

The group regretted that while the properties were set ablaze, the Nigerian state watched and did nothing about it, even as it expressed disappointment with media response of Ohanaeze Ndigbo to the fracas, “which surprisingly failed to condemn the wanton destruction of properties in Lagos and concentrated its attack on a Yoruba group, AOKOYA that had cautioned Kanu.

“The Ohanaeze response lacks wisdom and tack and shows a reckless and insensitive approach to the issues at stake. Ohanaeze was treated the grievous audio of Kanu as a footnote. It was as if the statement was written by their agent and paid consultant in Yorubaland. We will not forget. “This is most distasteful and raises further suspicion about a conspiracy theory against Yoruba Nation. This is most unfortunate.”

It called on the Lagos State Government to fish out those responsible for the killings of innocent souls in Lagos, adding that such people must be made to face the maximum penalty.

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“We call for the immediate arrest of those responsible for the destruction of public properties in Lagos. If the wanton destruction continues, WE SHALL GO INTO THE FIELD TO DEAL RUTHLESSLY WITH THE PERPETRATORS.

“The Yoruba Nation is faced with a twin evil of enemies down and up, fueled by envy and hatred for Yoruba civilisations and history, those who are committed to the destruction of Yorubaland. This will not happen as long as God lives. Rather, these elements and their collaborators will be smitten in our faces and be fed with their own flesh and blood, as long as our God lives.

“We call on Yoruba groups to unite. This is more important than unity with other nationalities. Nigeria offers nothing but deaths and misery.

“We call on the political class in Yorubaland to have a rethink and work in the interest of their people. The continuation of a system that excludes the people and keeps them in penury and misery, while a few live in opulence and ill-gotten wealth is a whirlwind that will eventually consume the political leaders themselves.

“We call on the United Nations, (UN) and the international community to show greater interest in the future of Nigeria before it is too late.

“We assure Yoruba people all over the world, that we shall continue to work in the defense of our Yoruba fatherland. We shall do this with all our strength and all the mental and material resources available to us, to ensure that Yorubaland is not trampled and destroyed by arch enemies. Our only offense is that we have shown much love but in return we have been paid with bile and scorn.”


1) Agbekoya  Chief Oshodi Thompson

2) Oodua Peoples Congress, (OPC-New Era) Sadam Arogundade

3) South West Women Nationalist Group, (SWWNG)

4) Oodua Students Alliance, (OSA)  Mikhail Salau

5) Ibile, Chief Diran Obalola

6) Oodua Peoples Congress, (OPC-Reformed Taofik Adeyemi)

7) Oodua Muslim-Christian Youth Dialogue Group, (OMC-YDG) Alao Akintude and Bola Olowokere

8) Apapo Oodua Koya, (AOKOYA) Col (rtd) Sowumi Abiodun

9) O’odua Nationalist Coalition, (ONAC)  Ahmed Abiodun

10) Network for Yorba Alliance, (NENA), Goke Otunla

11) O’odua Revolutionary Coalition, (ORC) Mallam Suleiman Alade

12) Oodua Nationalist League, (ONL) Sunday Ibukunola

13) Lagos Youth Coalition,  Akeem Akerele

14) Oodua Nationalist Congress, (ONC)

15) Oodua Muslim Alliance, (OMA) Alhaji Suleiman Adio

16) All Awori Youth Congress, (AWYC) Mufutau Akerele

17) Itsekiri Youth Coalition, (Shola Oritsebugbemi)

18) South West Professionals, (SOWPROF) Dr Akindele Adeyi

20) South West Okada Riders Association, (SWORA)

22) COVENANT GROUP ( Chief Bello Ajayi)

23) Okun Peoples Alliance, (OPA)

24) Apapo Omo Oodua ( Sola Ajayi)

25) United Self Determination Groups of Oodua (USEGO).

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