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How Desperate Moves By Senator Misau To Remove Incriminating Records In Police File Failed

misauFacts have emerged to show how Senator Isa Hamma Misau tried severally to influence the tampering with, or removal of queries and warnings in his record of service in the Police Force failed.
Information had it that the Senator had one of the worst records as an officer, which he wanted removed from his file due to his fear that his opponents would use such accounts against me in his future political exploits.
It was gathered that at one time, he met a top police officer and begged him to remove his records but that the officer told him politely to forget it as such documentation had already became police material which could not be tampered with.
The records were believed to have already been serialised, making any form of tampering with them to be easily detected.
It was further learnt that while serving in the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Senator Misau, who was known in the Police Force as DSP Mohammed Hamma, was not only a serial offender but had service record that included his admittance of visiting unholy places.
The former top cop later metamorphous into a law maker, and admitting that he visited a herbalist in search of traditional cure for a strange ailment that tormented his health while in service.
In a written answer to a query issued to him on 6th November, 2005 and addressed to the Commanding Officer of the 44 PMF, FHQ, Abuja, the then young officer, DSP Hamma said: “It is true that I was absent without permission for the number of days stated because of sickness I have found myself into.
“I was sick for a long time, since I was a Divisional Crime Officer, Wuse Division, Abuja. I have visited so many hospitals, including National Hospital Abuja, which I was diagnosed and x-ray was taking and all proved that there is nothing they have seen or detected that I am alright, but myself I knew there is something disturbing me.
“I confided on a friend and made him know what I am going through, which he told me that he would take me to a native doctor in a village under Abaji Area Council on 28th October, 2005 at about 10:00hrs, we embark on the trip to see the Native doctor. I was given concussion which I drank and it turn out that my system did not agree with it and it became position to me. I started vomiting and stooling which lead to my unconsciousness for days in that village.
“The person that took me there refused to rush me to the hospital for fear of being arrested according to him, and that the native doctor convinced him that it is normal, everything would be alright, they tried
and luckily I survived it.”
Documents made available to our correspondent also revealed that another query, dated January 16, 2009 and signed by CP Suleiman Abba, was served on Hamma, with the title: ‘Query For Serious Misconduct.’
It read in part: “You were nominated to participate in 24 weeks Junior Command Course 49/2009 at Police Staff College, Jos, vide letter No. CE.6421/’E’ DEPT/FHQ/ABJ/JCC/VOL.4/726 dated 19/11/2008.
“The Course commenced on 05/01/2009 and you contemptuously failed to report for the course despite the long notice.”
He was accordingly found guilty of disobedience of lawful Order without good and sufficient cause, for refusing to attend Junior Command Course 49/2009 at the Staff College, Jos, contrary to rule 04401 (iv) of the Public Service Rule 2000.
The former Police officer was also found guilty of negligence of duty and discreditable conduct as the sum total of his conduct was found to be prejudicial to discipline and unbecoming of an officer of the rank of DSP, contrary to rule 0430 (i) of the Public Service Rules 2000.
It was learnt that sometime in 2006, DSP Hamma was served a warning letter that was signed by ACP HM Dagala, who was then the Commander of the Police Mobile Force, Abuja.
The warning letter read in part: “You will recall that you were queried for being absent from duty without leave/permission vide letter No. CH:6350/44PMF/B/FHQ/ABJ/-VOL. 1/26, and dated 8th November, 2005.”
The warning was issued after the Commissioner of Police considered his representation to the query and found him liable in all instances of questionable conduct that was not expected of a Superior Police Officer. [myad]