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Groups Accuse Judge Who Wants El-Zakzaky Freed Of Legalizing Terrorism In Nigeria


Coalition on Good Governance and Change Initiative (CGGCI) as well other Civil Society Groups have accused Justice Gabriel Kolawole, who recently ruled that leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Sheik Ibraheem El-Zakzaky should be freed from detention, of trying to legalize terrorism in Nigeria.

The groups, whose members stormed the premises of the Federal High Court, Abuja today, Monday, to protest said that the judgment was done “without recourse to the consequences that this dangerous precedence would have on law enforcement, security, anti-terror fight, terrorism and secessionist movements in Nigeria.”
National President of the CGGCI, Comrade Okpokwu Ogenyi, said during the protest: “the judiciary has dealt a fresh blow to the future of Nigeria by legalizing terrorism, while leaving the rest of us at risk of losing our lives.”
Ogenyi described the judgment as ridiculous, wondering how Justice Kolawole could order the release of someone who poses grave security risk to the society through his extreme brand of foreign backed radicalization programme in the name of religion.
“Nigerians are ever ready to do the needful in safeguarding the future of our dear nation and hence would demand that Justice Kolawole be investigated by the National Judicial Council.
“In the space of one week, the judiciary has ordered dangerous fanatics and demagogues to be returned to the streets to resume brainwashing, radicalizing and militarizing vulnerable youths in the population.
“This could have only been in keeping with fulfilling obligations entered into for less than honourable considerations even as we cannot rule out a judiciary that is taking its pound of flesh from an executive arm that has exposed the sleaze on its soiled bench.
“If the entire judiciary has activated its vendetta against the security agencies that they see as the executive arm, the precedence set by Justice Gabriel Kolawole took things to the ridiculous by awarding N50 million of tax payers’ money to finance IMN’s radicalisation programme, while also asking that the police further deploy its personnel to protect a man whose sect members would invariably kill like they had killed soldiers and policemen in recent past.
“This judge also failed to realize the weight of his utterance that has basically ordered the government to build a new headquarters for a proscribed group – we do hope he will keep himself on the bench for when other terror groups approach to demand for the government to build them headquarters.
“The house demolished in Gyellesu in Zaria, Kaduna State, on which the directive to build a new one for this demagogue, originally belonged to Alhaji Ismail Gwarzo, the Director General of the National Security Organization under late General Sani Abacha.
“El-Zakyzaky was given the seized house by General Abdulsalam Abubakar because people of Babban Dodo had at time also rebelled against IMN occupation, which made them to burn his initial hub after he was released from another arrest for insurrection. Justice Kolawole has murdered sleep.
“He did this confidently because security agencies under obligation use taxpayers’ money to protect him and other judges, who therefore do not know the magnitude of the threat that terrorism poses to citizens.” [myad]

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