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Nigerians Welcome President Buhari With #BabaOyoyo

President Muhammadu Buhari welcomes back by sea of crowds along the Airport road as his convoy taxi home. PHOTO; SUNDAY AGHAEZE/STATE HOUSE. AUG 19 2017

Nigerians, particularly social media users have welcomed the President back to the country with a hashtag #BabaOyoyo.

The enthusiastic social media users have been trending the hashtag, a term used by children in Hausa land to welcome their fathers home, from a long journey or from their offices back home.

Abu Sidiq @MrAbuSidiq said: He (Buhari) didn’t go to London, they were sad. He went to London, they were still sad. Now he’s returning, they still remained sad.#BabaOyoyo

Huzaifa Muhammad @huzayyfah said: Alhamdulillah, a very BIG WELCOME HOME, @mbuhari said: We missed you during ur absent. More hope for NGR as you set ur foot in home. #BabaOyoyo

Daniel Dalyop‏ @alutadarf said: “…We Saw People Even Printing The#President ‘s Obituary, We Stood Our Grounds That Nothing Has Gone Wrong…

-#JoeIgbokwe ” #BabaOyoyo

Alabi Hammed‏ @Buhariologist said: @MBuhari you’re welcome back home and you will never return abroad for any health issues again Amin

Nigerians Love #BabaOyoyo

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Mosh Abubakar‏ @enfanterribleNG said: If you hate @MBuhari, it is either you are thief, tribalistic or you just don’t mean well for Nigeria. #BabaOyoyo#BuhariReturns

Meanwhile, the president is expected to address the nation through a national broadcast on Monday by 7am. [myad]