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Yes, I Left My Husband To Marry My Pastor: The Pastor Is God Sent – Woman Owns Up

Tina and Bright

Wife to Bright Ben, Mrs. Tina, who was accused of Adultery after she left her husband to marry the General Overseer of World Bank Assembly, Pastor Moses Adeeyo has owned up her action.

Reacting to news making the rounds that she left her husband, Bright Ben to marry Pastor Moses Adeeyo, Tina described the pastor as a god-sent who helped heal her from the bruises sustained from Ben Bright.

Tina, in a series of videos, said that her husband had made her to borrow a huge sum of money from people nut that the debts were later offset by pastor Moses Adeeyo.

She claimed that her husband had never given her money for both his children and her upkeep, adding that he stopped her from going to work and made her quit her music career.

Tina said that her husband always accused her of adultery, pushing her out of his house and leaving her on the streets to cater for herself.

She said also that how he used to threaten to disfigure her, apart from assaulting her on countless occasions.

Tina said that it was her family that dissolved the marriage between her and her ex-husband when the maltreatment became too much.

Bright Ben, had, via his Facebook account, made the allegations against his former pastor who he claimed was a full financial member of the church alongside his wife, Tina Bright.

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