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5 Face Death Penalty Over Murder Of Saudi Journalist, Khashoggi

Saudi King Salman

Five suspects in the murder of a Saudi Arabian journalist, Jamal Khashoggi may be sentenced to death if the plea by the Saudi government goes through.

The Saudi Arabia authorities have already entered a case against the suspects today, Thursday, through the country’s Public Prosecutor. There names were not however, disclosed.

In a statement, the Public Prosecutor requested the death penalty for five individuals who are charged with ordering and committing the crime and for the appropriate sentences for the other indicted individuals.

The statement said that investigations have been conducted by the Public Prosecutor with 21 suspects in custody, saying that 11 of the suspects have been indicted, and their cases will be referred to court, while the investigation with the remaining suspects will continue in order to determine their involvement and their role in the crime.

The prosecutor formally made request to Turkey for provision of evidence and information in same regard, even as the requests are yet to be responded to from other side.

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It said that investigations revealed that the culprits plotted multi tasked crime, including disconnecting surveillance cameras, intelligence, logistic and killing and shifting the body of the victim outside of the Saudi embassy.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has expressed appreciation on the steps taken by the Saudi authorities. Foreign Office of Pakistan, in a press statement said: “commencement of this process demonstrates the resolve and commitment of the Saudi authorities to hold the culprits and their associates to account and fulfill the imperatives of justice, as has been mutually reaffirmed by both Saudi Arabia and Turkey.”

The Saudi Arabian minister of Media, Dr. Awwad Al Awwad described the new development as an “achievement of justice.”