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All Political Forces Have Joined Me After Winning Legal Battle – Guinea Bissau President

Guinea Bissau President

The new President of Guinea Bissau, Oumarou Sissoco Embalo has said that with the decision of the country’s courts to give legitimacy to his victory, all matters are now settled, and he now had the support of virtually all the political forces in the country.

President Oumarou Embalo, who spoke today, March 13, when he visited President Muhammadu Buhari at the Aso Rock Presidential vial, Abuja, stressed that the controversies that dodged his election have been put behind and everybody’s hand is on deck to take the country to the greater height.

President Oumarou Embalo expressed his country’s deep appreciation for the support it got from Nigeria and President Buhari during “our most difficult moment.”

He praised Nigeria’s role in the region as well as in global politics and urged President Buhari to continue to ensure the survival of democracy in the sub-region.

This was even as President Buhari expressed Nigeria’s recognition and full support for the country, saying: “it is good you have support of West African leaders, President of Senegal Macky Sall and that of Niger, Muhammadu Issoufou who is the Chairman of ECOWAS, behind you. Both leaders have the respect of their countries.

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“We, the leaders of West Africa have the duty of ensuring that the sub-region is stabilised politically, economically and security wise. We will do our best to ensure that elections are free and fair and meet democratic expectations.”

President Buhari advised President Oumarou Embalo to always be mindful of his country’s national interest.

zIn these days of high-tech communications, information travels very fast. Be mindful of national interest which is often reflected in economic and political matters.”

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