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Buhari Supporters Hail Him In New York As Sowore Supporters Protest

Supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari thronged the Nigerian Consulate in New York, the United States today, September 24 to praise his government over the handling of the affairs of Nigeria.

This was even as the wife of detained Sahara Reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore led a few people to protest the detention of the journalist turned politician.

Buhari’s supporters, led by Jide Okuneye, called on Nigerians to join hands in taking his government to the next level.

The supporters wearing “Buhari trusted and tested” T-Shirts, were full of praises for his administration.

Jide Okuneye said: “we want to show the president that we care,” saying that Buhari is fully in charge and in control of his administration.

He that Nigeria is not isolated from problems happening across the globe but that the President has shown leadership and capacity to tackle them.

According to him, Nigeria closure of the border with Benin more than 30 days ago, followed by partial closures of its northern border to Niger has contrary to expectations yielded positive results.

He said that before now, the effect of the closure of border would have been felt but for Buhari’s policy of operation grow what you eat.

“Buhari knows what he is doing, is the best man for the job. Nigerians should be more patient because the problems of Nigeria cannot be solved in a twinkle of an eye, we must follow due process in tackling them. Before now, we cannot boost of feeding ourselves but the borders in Nigeria have been closed for more than a month and we have not heard that the nation has collapsed.

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“This is the real operation feed the nation, this is the real man feeding the nation. There are no two ways about it; he is the best thing that has happened to Nigeria.”

But, supporters of Sowore described Buhari’s administration as intolerant and incapable of tackling the numerous problems facing the nation.

The group who were joined by the wife of Sowore, detained presidential candidate of AAC, Opeyemi, demanded that he should be set free.

The group chanted different slogans which include: Free Sowore now; We are tired of killings; stop the kidnapping; we in America want to go home but no place to call home, we tired of medical tourism, freedom of speech is guaranteed under the constitution among others.

source: PerSecond news

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