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Expert Predicts ‘Blood Rain’ On Britain Tonight

David CameronA geographer from Nottingham Trent University, Dr Steven Godby, has forecast “Blood rain” to fall on Britain between today,Friday night and tomorrow.
Also the UK’s official weather predicting service, the Met Office, issued a warning that blood rain will fall on the country tonight and tomorrow morning.
“Blood rain” is the term used to describe a meteorological event when rain mixes with sand from the deserts of North Africa. Sand from the Sahara has been swept up by desert storms and carried 2,000 miles to the UK by exceptional north winds.
When the sand mixes with rain, the precipitation takes on a reddish color and blankets the country with a paste of fine dust and water, which sticks to everything as sand from the Sahara sweeps north from Africa to blanket parts of the island.
The expert explained what occurs, adding: “the dust is produced from source areas in North Africa, incorporated into a northerly airflow and can travel long distances before being deposited as far away as the UK.”
Dan Williams a Met Office representative predicted that “People could find yellow or brown dust from the Sahara on their carson Saturday morning.”
To make things worse, the UK is experiencing high temperatures into the 20C (70F+) and pollen levels are way above normal. On top of this, pollution is simultaneously floating in from industrial areas of northern France and Belgium, making the British air a toxic mix of sand, dirt and allergens. Visibility has been severely reduced by smog in London.

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