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How Joe Biden Flushed President Trump Out Of White House

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Democratic Presidential candidate in the just concluded election in the United States of America, Joseph Biden, has sailed through to capture the Presidency and sent the incumbent, Donald Trump out of the White House after securing over 270 votes he needed from Pennsylvania.

At the end of the vote cast, Biden got 284 electoral votes while Trump got 214 votes.

The result also amounted to a crushing verdict on the presidency of Donald J. Trump, who became the first incumbent to lose his re-election bid in nearly 30 years.

Joe Biden’s triumph was sealed when Pennsylvania’s ballots made clear he would cross the threshold of 270 electoral votes.

Biden, who is former two-term vice President under Barack Obama and 36-year Senate veteran, is coming in as the 46th President of the United States.

His running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris, will become the first woman, first African American, and first Indian American to serve as vice president.

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