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Language For Our Kids: We’re In Dilemma – Nigerians In Togo

About two million Nigerians residence in Togo have lamented over which language between English and French their children should master to be able to fit into the socio-political system of their home country, Nigeria.

Speaking in an interactive session last night, Sunday, with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Nigeria Embassy in Lome, Togo, ahead of the ECOWAS/ECCAS summit today, Monday, Nigerians said that schools where English language is taught in Togo are far inadequate.

They told president Buhari that most of them are being forced to send their children to neighbouring Ghana to learn English since most schools in Togo teach only French which is their lingua franca.

They said that the Nigerian community is putting up educational institutions in Togo specifically for the teaching of English language for the purpose of making their children relevant to the Nigerian system in future.

The Nigerian Ambassador to Togo,  Joseph Iji told the President that Nigerians In Togo are peaceful and industrious.

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He acknowledged that their are a few bad ones but that they don’t constitute danger to the image of the home country.

Ambassador Iji said that he had been engaging Nigerians at regular meetings to address the the challenges they might face at any given time.

He appealed to president Buhari to look into the inadequate staff for the embassy and promotion of the existing ones.