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President Trump Refers To Biden, Democrat Candidate, As Low IQ Individual  

Photo: New York Post
“If Biden wins, which I honestly can’t believe would happen, I will have lost to a low IQ individual.”
This was the verdict of President Donald Trump of the United States of America, who is running for a second term on the platform of the Republican.
Trump, who addressed party supporters at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, as he continued with campaign, remarked: “the only way we’re going to lose this election is if this election is rigged.”
President Trump resumed campaigning for reelection as though the coronavirus pandemic was a thing of the past, rallying hundreds of supporters at an airport hangar.
But with the virus looming over the race, the president for the first time, acknowledged even the theoretical possibility of defeat.
The president’s supporters stood shoulder to shoulder, most of them not wearing face masks that health experts say can help prevent the spread of coronavirus, which has killed more than 181,000 Americans.
Yesterday, August 28, more than 45,000 new cases were reported in the U.S.
Yet Trump seemed eager to pack more people into his rally.
He boasted that on his approach to the airport that he had seen “thousands and thousands” more supporters lined up who were denied entry out of health concerns, a twist on his usual rally mantra, that “fire marshals” had limited the size of his audience.
“Sir, we couldn’t let them in,” Trump said, recounting what he said an aide had told him, to which he said he responded, “Why not? Let ’em in.”

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