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Saudi Arabia Bans Use Of National Flag In Any Form Of Advert

Flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabian has banned individuals and businesses from using the country’s flag in commercial promotions, including publications, goods and products, brochures, special gifts and others.

The Kingdom’s Ministry of Commerce, in a statement today, September 16, explained that the major reason for the ban is that the national flag contains the name of Allah, and the official state emblem of two swords and palm tree.

It said that the ban also covers pictures and names of Saudi leaders and officials.

The ministry said that it has carried out inspection tours in markets in all regions of the Kingdom to control such violations, especially during festive occasions such as National Day.

It said that the ministry would also monitors e-shops, saying that legal measures would be taken against those who violate the ban.

According to the statement, a circular had already been issued to businesses four years ago, banning the use of the State’s emblem of two swords and a palm tree in commercial transactions.

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The Kingdom is scheduled to celebrate National Day next Friday.

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