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Saudi Inaugurates Hajj Virtual Press Office, To Register 2,500 International Journalists

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Media has inaugurated an advanced digital service as a platform to provide international and local journalists with access to exclusive videos, photos and comments.

Already, hundreds of local and 2,500 international journalists have been listed to be registered in the programme for the authority described as “exceptional coverage of Hajj 2020.”

In a statement today, July 25, the ministry said that the programme is designed as a paradigm shift in keeping with global digital transformation, whilst mitigating impact of current travel limitations

It said that the program meets all international and local media requirements, and ensures the best-in-class service to local and international media covering this year’s Hajj season. The service, according to the statement,  will allow journalists to receive key files, materials and comments, respond to media inquiries, interview officials and stakeholders and attend and participate in live press conferences.

“The digital service, which will be available in Arabic and English under the name of Hajj Virtual Press Office, will address the challenges of information acquisition and the international transmission of media materials.

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“Through the platform, local and international journalists will be able to request exclusive services, such as high-quality pictures or custom-made videos, in addition to remote access to all other available services, including hosting officials or stakeholders for exclusive interviews and obtaining comments and responses to inquiries, journalists as well as the general public will also be able to view media content intended for the wider public.

“Hundreds of Saudi-based journalists, along with more than 2,500 international journalists registered with the Communication centre’s database, will receive emails to register their names on the digital platform to benefit from the services of the Virtual Press Office , for which the Communication centre has dedicated a team of media professionals and international media relations officers to ensure that journalists have the best-in-class services.

Website: https://hajj.media.gov.sa/

Virtual Press Office: https://vpo.hajjmedia.sa”

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