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South Africa Still Boiling, Citizens Ask Immigrants To Quit, 400 Nigerians Set To Return


In spite of outcry across the world on the

President, Cyril Ramaphosa

attacks launched by South Africans on immigrants, especially Nigerians and other Africans, the indigenes of the country have launched another attack today, September 8, asking the immigrants to leave the country.

Report reaching us indicated that violent attacks on immigrants broke out today, September 8 when hostel residents across the commercial hub of Johannesburg took to the streets to demand immediate deportation of foreigners.

The country’s police said that they intervened early enough to prevent angry South African marchers and foreigners from clashing at the heart of Johannesburg.

Images seen on social media today’s evening appeared to show fresh destruction of properties and businesses of foreigners from other African countries in the central business area of Johannesburg.

The protest could spark another week of diplomatic hostilities between Nigeria and South Africa. A similar protest and destruction of properties last weekend sparked reprisal attacks in some African countries.

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In Nigeria, between Tuesday and Wednesday, several businesses affiliated to South Africa or perceived to be were targeted. Some of them were burnt while some others were looted and then burnt in Lagos, Ibadan and Uyo.

The renewed protests on Sunday could complicate ongoing dialogue over the crisis and cast renewed doubts over South African political leadership’s capacity to contain the riots.

Nigeria’s Consul General in Johannesburg, Godwin Adama, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that about 400 Nigerians have indicated interest to return home after a domestic airline, Air Peace, offered to bring back Nigerians from South Africa.

 Sources: NAN, PerSecond news.