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You’re Wrong, British PM Tells Supreme Court Over Suspension of Parliament

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has said that the country’s Supreme Court was wrong to have issued an order for the return of members of the parliament to work after he suspended them a fortnight ago.

“I think the court was wrong to pronounce on what is essentially a political question at a time of great national controversy.”

Boris Johnson was reacting to the London Supreme Court ruling yesterday, September 24 that the suspension of the legislature was not lawful and amounted to a severe blow to Britain’s democracy and ordered that members of Parliament should return to work immediately.

But today, September 25, when parliamentarians regrouped in Westminster to plot their tactics again, the Prime Minister refused to give an inch of ground.

The Prime Minister had asked Queen Elizabeth II to suspend the Parliament for five weeks earlier this month even as his critics argued that such move was an attempt to thwart them in their efforts to restrain him.

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The Prime Minister challenged his political opponents to trigger an election as soon as they like, adding: “this Parliament must either stand aside and let this government get Brexit done or bring a vote of confidence and finally face a day of reckoning with the voters,” Johnson told a noisy House of Commons today.

Britain is due to leave the bloc of 28 countries on October 31, and Boris Johnson has vowed to complete the split on time, even if that means doing so without an agreement to soften the impact.

Most members of Parliament disagree with this approach and have passed a law aimed at stopping the premier forcing the U.K. out of the bloc without a deal. But Johnson insists he will go ahead anyway and expects to fight for his strategy in court yet again next month.

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