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As Table Turned: PDP Now Complains Of Nigeria Becoming A One-Party State

Alhaji Adewale Adeyanju
Alhaji Adewale Adeyanju

With All Progressives Congress (APC) taking the centre stage in the changing political arrangement and mass defection from the once largest party in Africa, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the party is now complaining that Nigeria may become a one party state.

It’s National Auditor, Alhaji Adewole Adeyanju, who said this in a statement today in Abuja, made it clear that APC would be held responsible in Nigeria turns to a one party state, adding that a one party state is dangerous for the nation’s nascent democracy.
Adeyanju said that rather than dumping PDP for the APC because of its brilliant performance in the last elections, “members should go back to the drawing board, put on their thinking caps and plan ahead of future elections. That is what is expected of a good politician, who really wants to serve his or her community.
“Our nascent democracy needs strong opposition, which will spur any ruling party to work hard for good governance. Rushing to the APC by PDP members, especially the so-called bigwigs,  is not the answer to the current predicament of the PDP and it is dangerous to our nascent democracy. Rather we should come together to review our poor outing and look for a way forward.”
He expressed optimism that if PDP leaders could come together and put their acts together in a proper perspective once again, the party would surely bounced back having being in power for almost 16 years and based on its achievements.

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