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2019: Don’t Vote On Ethnic, Religious, Regional Lines – Cardinal Okogie

The Archbishop Emeritus, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Anthony Cardinal Okogie has warned Nigerians not to vote for candidates seeking for election, especially, the presidency on the basis of ethnic, religious and regional lines.

In a statement today, Tuesday, the revered religious leader described the 2019 general elections as a day when all debts owed Nigerians by politicians will have to be settled.

Okogie asked Nigerians to hold every political office holder and contender to an uncompromisingly rigorous standard, saying : “this is not the time to vote on ethnic, religious or regional lines.

“Nigerians must consider if it would be in our interest and in the interest of Nigerians yet unborn to leave governance in the hands of such people.

“This is the time to vote on past records of public service. Let us not cast our votes for those who have ruined, are ruining and will ruin this country.

“Beyond the deceitful and murderous pseudo-statesmen, Nigeria deserves the best. So, we must discard the stubborn myth that any politician is indispensable.

“This country, richly blessed, has competent and wise persons who can navigate her out of the embarrassingly dubious distinction of the poorest rich nation on earth.

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“If there are politicians who have not kept their promise, if there are politicians leading our beloved country into perdition, vote them out.”

Okogie expressed disgust over the politicians who are pretending to profess their love for God and for the country, whereas they only do it for their own selfish interests.

“Almost all our politicians profess belief in God. But just as they pretend to love Nigeria, they pretend to love God, treating God with contempt by treating Nigerians with contempt.

“They have no regard for morality; they pretend to love each other, they have neither permanent friends nor permanent enemies but permanent interests.

“Their membership of political parties is contingent on their selfish interests. That is why, whether or not they decamp does not affect the price of garri in the market.”

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