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Africa Is Under Siege, Buhari Laments; Asks Leaders To Wake Up And Do More

President Muhammadu Buhari has asked his fellow African leaders to unite and face numerous challenges, ranging from criminal terrorists to pandemic, that have overwhelmed the continent recently.

President Buhari, who spoke today, December 12, at the opening ceremony of the 60th Session of the ECOWAS Authority Heads of State and Government at the presidential villa, Abuja, expressed great worry that West Africa continues to suffer from various challenges, including socioeconomic, political, security and environmental fragilities, linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The challenges of the coronavirus and the catastrophic consequences posed on our socio-economic environment continues to torment us.

“The regional resilience, determination and resolution of working together in solidarity with each other assisted us greatly in lessoning the burden of the pandemic.”

The president said that the coming together by the leaders in Abuja is a clear demonstration of their commitment to the effective integration of the subregion.

“As a people, we aspire to create a borderless, peaceful, prosperous subregion where people have capacity to access and harness its resources through the creation of opportunities for sustainable development, job creation and environmental resolution.

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“Our subregion continues to face economic, political, security and environmental fragilities linked to coronavirus pandemic

“Our democracy is being challenged in Mali and Guinea.

“Furthermore, threats are looming around – environmental degradation and climate change on our farming system.  We are facing a network of criminals including terrorism

“All of these challenges require our collective action to work in concert with each other to pragmatically address and provide our people better prospects in life

“These realties remind us of the need to continue to forge stronger solidarity to address the new challenges including this third wave of the pandemic and its omicron variant.”

He expressed delight that the countries’ centers for disease control are already working together to curtail the pandemic.

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