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Buhari Acknowledges Urgent Need For General Salary Review In Public Service

President Muhammadu Buhari received in Courtesy Visit, Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria at the State House, Abuja.

President Muhammadu Buhari has acknowledged the urgent need for a general salary review in the Federal Public Service due to worldwide problems of high inflation amidst general economic disruption.

The President who received in audience today, August 19, members of the Central Working Committee of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN)

The President said that a Committee has been set up under the Minister of Finance to work on the harmonization of salary in the Public Service.

“A report is being expected, to be submitted at the conclusion of its assignment, which would be studied for appropriate action.’’

The President said the Head of Service of the Federation has been directed to liaise with other relevant government agencies to see how the 2023 budget estimates can accommodate an increase in the budget of Federal Government Staff Housing Loans Board.

Buhari however said that the existing revenue constraints being presently faced by Government, caused mainly by the activities of unscrupulous citizens through the theft of our crude oil, a major contributor to the revenue base has been a big setback to the idea of increase in workers’ wages.

“This is compounded by global economic downturn as a result of the on-going Russian – Ukrainian war, which has led to price increases not just in the costs of goods and services globally, but also in the transportation of these goods and services across the globe.

“You are also aware of the enormous burden placed on our finances by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Furthermore, let me note the significant investment we have had to make in security over the last seven years, which means other sectors of the economy have not been able to receive as much funding as we would have liked. Only when our country is secured that we are able to proceed and take on other aspects of our economic challenges.”

President Buhari explained that investment in security assets has been at a huge cost, after several decades of negligence.

“However, my confidence in the Nigerian Armed forces is unshaken, and I have tasked the Chief of Defense Staff and his service chiefs to take the war to these criminals who have made life difficult for many Nigerians.

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“Recent reports have shown the message is now being heard and the dividends of our seven years of investments are now maturing. I implore our forces to continue with the current effort and determination until we rid our land of these miscreants.

“I also wish to reiterate that we will not allow a few criminals to have unfettered access to the nation’s crude oil supply hence I have directed our security agencies to speedily bring to a halt the activities of these vandals in the Niger Delta.”

President Buhari said that criminal activities on seas, where large vessels seek to hide in neighboring countries will be checked, stressing: “there should be no hiding place for such criminals, and our cooperation with neighboring countries in halting these crimes is being strengthened and tightened.”

The President said that request for restoration of the payment of gratuity to public service employees was one of the landmark provisions addressed in the 2004 Pension Reform Act.

“Therefore, implementing your request for the payment of a bulk sum of gratuity to retired civil servants would negate the intent and provisions of the Act.

“It should be acknowledged that a change in the implementation of the Act would require an amendment by the National Assembly. But more importantly, the Pension Reform Act is a better designed and robust system that allows for safety of pensioners funds and its payment.”

He reassured his guests that his administration would not tolerate any policy that would destabilize the service even as he implored them to always acknowledge their very important role as the engine room of government, no matter the political party that is in power.

“This is the main reason why you must remain non-partisan in the discharge of your duties.”

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