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Buhari’s Government Will Get The Best For Nation’s Children – Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has sworn that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has been trying to get the best for the nation’s children for a bettertomorrow.

“It is a moment to reflect on the responsibility that we have, as government, as adults, to ensure that we give these children the very best that we can, especially the children of those who cannot afford education and healthcare.

“That’s why the commitment of our government is to that bottom of the pyramid. Our focus is on trying to get the best for them and we’re going to do even more of that.”
Professor Osinbajo who spoke at the Children’s Day service at the Aso Villa Chapel, Abuja, where children gave various stirring performance in dance, music and drama, that in spite of the country’s challenges, the Buhari administration would continue to do what is necessary to provide a bright future for Nigeria’s children.
“The truth of the matter is that there are always challenges everywhere in every nation of the world. But I’m completely convinced that we have the capacity to surmount all of the challenges. And one of the key features of government and governance is the human development index; education, healthcare, and the welfare of our citizens.”
“For the first time we are doing a programme that none has ever done before, that is our Social Investment Programme.”

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The Vice President, who spoke to journalists at the end of the Sunday service, said that Nigerian children are “very bright, energetic, and they are very innovative.
“First I’d like to say all of our children, Nigerian children, are special. They are special because the future of our nation belongs to them and they have all that it takes to give our country a great future. They are very bright; they are very energetic, they are very innovative, and they are very creative. Just listening to them, watching the drama, listening to the music; you can tell that there is so much innovation and energy. And I am completely convinced that our nation’s future is truly bright because of all of the children that God has given us; the talents and creativity that he has given us.”
Vice President Osinbajo insisted that the future of our nation belongs to the children because Nigerian children are special and they have all that it takes to give the country a great future.
The Church service featured a wonderful performance by children from the FCT School for the Blind, Jabi, Abuja.