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Citizen Atima Writes To Buhari On Recruitment Irregularities In NNPC

President Muhammadu Buhari

Abdulfatai Usman Atima, a citizen of Nigeria has written an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari over what he described as irregularities in the recruitment exercise by the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

He starts by congratulating President Buhari over his re-election victory and the just concluded swearing-in ceremony for the kick-off of next-level progressive change administration.

The letter continues:

I want to declare that I’m one of your strong admirer and supporter upon your inception into active politics. Sir, this admiration was born out of your staunch abhorrence for corruption, and your insistence for discipline, justice, simplicity, humility and sincere love for the project Nigeria.

Without too much aggrandizement, this write up has become necessary as horrendous job merchant in the NNPC with abstruse confidence are trying tooth and nail to undermine and discredit your globally recognized image as an anti-corruption crusader with zero tolerance for sharp practices. With the wide range publicity this recruitment process covers, i had passed a vote of confidence  on your integrity once more to superintend over a recruitment process devoid of the usual ethnic, political, religious and other sentiments previous exercises have been known for (NPF, CBN, NSCDC, Fire Service, Prison, FRSC etc).

Sir, a potential string of anomalies is scripted out. In fact, I am writing this letter, from hindsight, a distance acquaintance of already possesses two appointment letters at N2M each from a director of the corporation. There are more under this category who are now awaiting resumption pending on the conclusion of the second and final stage of the recruitment process to illegally formalize this appointment.

Recruitment of people through the backdoor and those that do not possess the minimum requirements aid corruption and incompetence in service. It undermines the principle of justice and distorts the moral fabric of the civil/public service workforce, expected to be the engine room of any government.

Sir, the aptitude test of May 24 through May 27, 2019 conducted by NNPC was held at the discomfort of candidates who have to travel from one location to another despite the prevailing security challenges nationwide, if nothing is done to justify their sacrifices it goes to portend that, Mr President as the substantive minister of petroleum has no power whatsoever to nip in the bud this high level of corruption that makes nonsense of your covenant with Nigerian people which you gave 10 days to the 2015 general elections. It goes thus: “ what was required for Nigeria’s advancement was to galvanize all our citizens to believe once again in their government, in their country and especially to believe in themselves…”

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I, therefore, ask Mr President Sir, how do you expect ordinary Nigerian youths to believe in Nigeria and themselves and overcome depression which is preparatory to suicide when you as substantive minister for petroleum cannot guarantee us a free, fair, and credible recruitment exercise. A situation where one high-profile family gets as much as ten direct slots which results into internal squabble over sharing as some members of the family already engaged with another less juicy agency of govt desires to be pencilled in for NNPC, is far from being corrupt-free. If this anomaly is allowed to happen under your watch sir, we the masses cannot easily exonerate you as it is believed that you preside over the Cooperation.

I implore you sir,  Mr President to pull the veil off a potentially corrupt system that will on the long run fuel incompetence, godfatherism, harm your stance on good governance and transparency in public service. As you act expeditiously to curtail this illegality, I will suggest a forensic audit on recruitment and replacement done by the corporation since the inception of your administration.

A.U. Atima can be reached via, abdulfatai_usman@yahoo.com

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