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Don’t Allow APC To Die After My Tenure, Buhari Pleads With Leaders

President Muhammadu Buhari has pleaded with the leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) not to allow the party to collapse after his tenure in 2023.

The President, who spoke at the meeting of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party in Abuja, said that history would be unkind to the party leaders if the party collapses at the end of his administration.

“The aim is that history will not be fair to us outright if the APC collapses at the end of this term. History will be fair to us if the APC remains strong and not only holds the centre but makes gains. People will reflect with nostalgia that once upon a time, the builders of APC made a lot of sacrifices, worked very hard.

He reminded the party leaders of their responsibility to make the party attractive to their constituents, saying: “anybody who fails to maintain the respect of his constituents and is thrown out, it is his problem.

“Like the chairman has said, all those who left us to the upper house, none of them were voted by his constituents. You want to take our people for granted, but they know what they are doing.

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“The sacrifices are physical, material and moral to make sure that we maintain the leadership, politically, of this system. This is what we should all aim at and ensure that our constituencies understand us and follow us to this great objective.

“What we did for you the executive, NWC is bottom to top. You must make sure that people elected to be responsible from polling units to wards to local governments to states and here are respected in their respective constituencies.

“This is the only way we can make this party survive. This is the only way history will be kind to us that we have led with absolute concern for the country and for the people.

“If for any other reason you divide the party at any constituency and it causes failure, then be prepared that history will not recognize you as a leader at any level at any time.”

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