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JO Omuya Foundation Sponsors 33 Indigent Students To Higher Institutions

The Chief JO Omuya Foundation, scholarship section has, for the 2021/22 academic year, sponsored 33 indigents but brilliant students in the Kogi State Central Senatorial District to various tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

The students, at a ceremony recently, received between N20,000 and N100,000 each from the Foundation to support their education.

Chairman of the Foundation, Chief Dr. Joshua O. Omuya said at the occasion held at Afims Hotel in Okene, Kogi State that the total amount disbursed to the students, including the newly selected and existing ones was N2,190,000.

“Four other beneficiaries will collect Sewing Machines towards the Foundation’s Skill Acquisition efforts, worth about N240,000. Altogether, the total cash outlay for this year is therefore, N2,430,000. In its seven years of existence, the Foundation has made over N10,000,000 disbursements to over 100 new and continuing beneficiaries.

“We have put up a structure that only requires some little support so that the kind gesture can be sustained in future.”
He said that from a modest capital base of N10 million in 2014 when it all started, the Foundation’s capital fund has been increased to N20 million, adding however that the dwindling rate of returns from investment of the funds has not made it possible to earn commensurate income to match the 100 percent accretion to the capital fund.
“Our hope and plan are to continue increasing the capital fund as God blesses us, in the hope that before we pass on, we would have built up a robust capital base to sustain the Foundation in perpetuity.

“Your token support, therefore, will go a long way in realizing this lofty goal and dream.”

Chief Omuya recalled that the annual scholarship award was launched in February 2014 when he clocked 60 years of age and thanked God that it has been sustained.

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“Our modest gesture is to give the little we can afford back to the society in appreciation of God’s benevolence on us. “Our prayers all along has been that others that are far better endowed more than us will be encouraged by our modest gesture to set up similar Foundations.

“By the time five, ten, 20 and more of this type of Foundation is established across Ebiraland, then hopefully many of those deserving of this type of support would have been touched and in over 20 to 50 years’ time, the impact would be felt.

It is our expectation that a few of those who have benefitted over the years will also see the need to help others when they grow up.

“For now, I appeal to all sons and daughters of our Fatherland who God has blessed, to try and set up similar Foundations to help the needy.

The quality and essence of our living are not measured by the money and properties that we have acquired but more on the lives of people that we have touched in positive manner, no matter how small. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Let us cultivate the habit of giving.

Chief Omuya called on the beneficiary students to put all their efforts and mind to their studies and ensure that they come up in flying colors.

“Continue to be of good behavior. Eschew all cultism and evil acts. Do not join bad gangs. Do not be involved in drugs as all these will ruin your life. Education without good character is a waste.”

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